Zero Gravity Bed to Create the Zero Gravity Position and Feeling of Weightlessness

Zero Gravity Bed

For some people, it is not easy to get comfortable sleep. Thus, they need to make some efforts to get enough sleep so they will wake up in the morning with a comfortable feeling. In this case, there is term called sleep hygiene. This is actually a term for good sleep habits. It refers to some sets of good habits to achieve deep and comfortable sleep at night. CDC or Centers for Disease Control and Prevention US Government mentions some tips to get sleep hygiene.

Tips to Getting Sleep Hygiene

Based on the recommendation from CDC, there are some good habits that can bring great benefits in achieving sleep health. These are some good points that will help someone to get good sleep so later the body can have enough time to rest and get recharged. One of the tips is to be consistent. It means that the body should be consistent in going to bed and waking up in the morning. Creating good habits will make the body memorize the pattern. Next, having exercises can also be helpful because it can improve the body’s metabolism and it will naturally demand the body to have time to recharge the energy during sleep. Then, it is important to create good environment in the bedroom. It can be about the temperature, level of lighting, and also the quality of the bed itself because this is part of the important environment to get the comfort.

Zero Gravity Position

As what is mentioned above based on the recommendation of CDC, creating good environment in the bedroom is part of sleep hygiene. Right sleeping position with the help of a comfortable bed is important to get a nice environment. Related to this, NASA has made research regarding zero gravity position. This is the perfect position for astronauts in the space. Because of the different gravitational pull between earth and outer space, it is important to get the best position for the body to adjust to the situation, and later the body can reduce the stress on the body to make the body more comfortable. The zero gravity position is achieved by distributing and balancing the weight of the body in certain position. In fact, it is not only good for the astronauts to adapt to the space, but it has a significant impact on sleep hygiene because the position creates nice position to sleep well and tightly.

Benefits of Having Zero Gravity Position

The zero gravity position can create a feeling of weightlessness. In fact, it is not only possible to achieve that in outer space because it is also possible to create the environment thus there are Zero-G chairs and also zero gravity bed. The bed has special bed frame to set the body position and it is supported by the special foam to really create the sensation of zero gravity. In this case, this will bring many benefits. One of them is to reduce the back and neck pain because the weight of the body is distributed well so there will be less pressure on the back and neck. The position can even improve the airways to reduce snoring during sleep. Then, with less pressure on the heart because of the weightless position, it creates better blood flow and improves heart health.

Author: rosendo