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Care for your Beard: What to Do and Not to Do

No matter if you have a long, thick beard and want it to look great, or if it’s just your first, there are some things that the best men do (or don’t) to maintain their beards. Let’s look at some of the best ways to shape your beard, and how easy it can be styled with proper maintenance. This is a new concept that you may not have heard of. This “beard bacteria” has caused an uproar in media, with many panicking about it. It is unlikely that your beard will be infected by harmful bacteria if it is kept clean and groomed regularly. You can take care of your beard by using the right product for each step: cleaning (using a cleanser or shampoo), conditioning (using conditioner after washing), and maintaining (using an oil or balm every day). A study published recently found that fecal bacteria was present in…

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