How to have a good summer body after having your first baby

Pregnancy is a period when you have to make a lot of adjustments as a woman from natural adjustments such as weight gain and breastfeeding to other types of adjustment like carrying large handbags. Not many women like to keep their postpartum weight for long. They want to get back into the slender and fit groove as soon as possible. The pictures of celebrities who had radical weight loss after childbirth, such as Angelina Jolie and Victoria Beckham among others puts more pressure on other women. But experts say that not every woman can experience that kind of rapid weight loss. For instance, these celebrity mothers have at their disposal resources the average mother does not. Celebrities can afford to hire personal trainers, nannies, etc who make their weight loss journey easier as well as take care of their baby.

Going on a crazy diet is also not advisable for postpartum mothers. Doing that means you are denying yourself of getting the adequate nutrition required for breastfeeding. As a mother who is concerned about her baby’s health, you cannot go on a crazy diet at the expense of your baby’s well-being. Also, if you take your weight loss journey too strictly, you may end up carrying your postpartum weight for longer.  If you are really passionate about losing weight, then you should take it slowly. To be on the safe side, you can seek expert advice and get recommendations tailored to your health.

postpartum mothers

Moreso, most experts opine that before postpartum mothers should wait till the sixth week before starting any exercise or diet. They need to allow their bodies get the needed rest and nutrition so as to be able to breastfeed properly. Also, experts say that breastfeeding mothers need about 2,000 calories per day. Therefore, cutting down on calories is not the best way to go if you want to lose postpartum weight. Even if you had adequate nutrition during your pregnancy phase, your nutritional status still needs to be upped as a lot of nutrients could have been compromised. Besides, breastfeeding helps you to burn calories as well.

How do you lose weight then as a postpartum mothers if dieting is off limits? The best way is for you to exercise. Exercise has always been a reliable means for people to lose weight. Besides, weight loss is not the only benefit of exercise; it also improves your blood circulation and makes you fit. As a breastfeeding mother, it is likely you will be under pressure: taking care of the baby, taking care of yourself, trying to keep in touch with other members of the family. All of these may lead to stress buildup. But with exercise, you  will get rid of stress and anxiety, and be in the best mental condition to handle postpartum challenges.

When should you exercise? Experience say you should check with your doctor before you start. You need to ensure that you are in a perfect health condition before you start. If you have had a complicated delivery or pregnancy, you might not been able to start exercising at the sixth week. Such condition requires that you give your body enough time to heal before you put it to work again. But if your doctor says you are good to exercise, then you can. However, considering starting with mild workouts. Remember that exercise should not make you feel worse, only better.

Mild workouts can be walking, jogging, etc. You can safely place your baby in a stroller while at it. You should also focus on strength-building muscles that help you regain the strength you lost during pregnancy. Carrying a baby in your womb for quite a number of months and bringing to birth successfully, either through labour or operation, would have drained your strength. However, focusing on strength-building exercises does not mean you ignore others. With time, you can also up your exercise routines as your body can accommodate.

With the right nutrition, exercise and rest, you will find that you will lose your postpartum weight painlessly and healthily. Nevertheless, expert advise that you take the whole process one step at a time. It makes no sense trying to rush your weight loss journey, you may end up doing more harm than good to your body. Always have it at the back of your mind that it takes time for you to see any real changes. Also, regardless of the changes you see, pay attention to what is happening within you. Get in touch with your doctor immediately you see any signs of trouble. Never wait for things to get worse before you seek medical help. Being alive to take care of your baby is more important than risking your health and getting injured because you want to lose postpartum weight. “The idea is not to overdo it”, expert says.

Author: rosendo