Care for your Beard: What to Do and Not to Do

No matter if you have a long, thick beard and want it to look great, or if it’s just your first, there are some things that the best men do (or don’t) to maintain their beards. Let’s look at some of the best ways to shape your beard, and how easy it can be styled with proper maintenance.

This is a new concept that you may not have heard of. This “beard bacteria” has caused an uproar in media, with many panicking about it. It is unlikely that your beard will be infected by harmful bacteria if it is kept clean and groomed regularly. You can take care of your beard by using the right product for each step: cleaning (using a cleanser or shampoo), conditioning (using conditioner after washing), and maintaining (using an oil or balm every day).

A study published recently found that fecal bacteria was present in hair samples taken from bearded men. This story was picked up by some news outlets who attempted to make beards more hateful than they already were for no apparent reason. However, there are two standards in play. The unfair stigmatization of beards is not fair. It’s almost like big corporations are producing the razor blades that pay the bills.

There are many options when it comes to choosing a beard cleanser that will leave your hair soft and conditioned. You have the option to choose a cleanser that is specifically made for beards, with ingredients like oils and collagen. Shampoos that are specifically designed for curly hair can also be available. If your beard is thinned or balding you might want to reconsider choosing a facial cleanser that has been designed specifically for this condition. Why? These products can cause severe damage to your hair and skin.

It can be difficult to grow a beard because everyone has a different opinion. You can avoid looking homeless by following a daily grooming routine that will allow you to maintain a certain standard of cleanliness.

A well-built and sturdy beard trimmer is essential for a smooth, close shave every time. We offer the best shave service in St. Petersburg if you want a professional to do your shave.

You can speed up your morning routine by trimming your beard overnight and washing it in the shower before you go to work. Make sure your beard is brushed forward before you start to trim it. This will ensure that you have the same line on each side of your face when you’re ready to shave. You will need to make sure you clean up the entire area around your face. This will ensure that there is no confusion as to where the beard ends and where it begins. We have found that a safety razor blade or cutthroat blade is the best. It ensures straight lines and prevents confusion when shaving.

Although it might seem tempting to pick an ingrown hair from your beard, or around your neck and cheeks trim line, it can only lead to infection. You expose the follicles to bacteria and can cause infection. Scarring could occur. Although tempting, an ingrown hair can usually be resolved if it is left alone for 12 hours.

Regularly brushing your beard is essential. A long beard can become very floppy, especially if it is quite thick. Brushing your hair helps to keep it neat and tidy. You can also spread oils evenly through your beard to make it easier for you to take care of your facial hair. Different hair types will require different brushes. Before you decide which type of brush to use, make sure to carefully read the instructions. However, boar-bristle combs work well on beards as they are gentle and won’t cause any tears or breakage.

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